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Sega & Yoko Taro’s ‘Error Game Reset’ Shuts Down After Short Run on Mobile

Sega & Yoko Taro’s ‘Error Game Reset’ Shuts Down After Short Run on Mobile

Sega &⁣ Yoko Taro’s ‘Error Game Reset’ has shut down after a short run on mobile platforms. The game, which was released⁣ in August 2019, has been ⁤shut down‍ by developer Sega and ⁢publisher Yoko Taro, the team behind popular titles ‍like NieR Automata, Drakengard and SINE MORA EX.

The game, which was a fast paced⁤ action-adventure, had​ players taking on the role of Reset, a ⁣robot sent to investigate a malfunctioning machine world. When Reset uncovers an alarming truth, he must fight its way to the heart of the world and try to ⁤repair it in order to restore order. Unfortunately, the game received mixed reviews from critics and players alike, citing its repetitive gameplay and a lack of an engaging story. Despite its shortcomings, the game had a loyal fanbase that enjoyed its simple yet engaging mechanics.

In a farewell message posted on the game’s official Twitter account, Sega ​and Yoko Taro thanked fans for playing ⁤the game and expressed their ⁢regret for the short-lived‍ experience. They also urged players to keep playing their other titles, which​ continue to be supported and updated.

Error Game Reset was⁤ an ⁣expensive experiment that unfortunately⁢ did not succeed, but it is a testament to Sega and Yoko ⁢Taro’s dedication to develop games‌ that push the boundaries and awaken new possibilities in gaming. Despite its ⁣ultimately unsuccessful nature, ⁣the ⁤game provided an exciting and⁣ unique experience, and we hope the team behind it⁣ can persist with their passion for​ creating new ideas in gaming.


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