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Grab 11 Resident Evil Games for Just $35 in This Humble Bundle!

Grab 11 Resident Evil Games for Just $35 in This Humble Bundle!

The‌ Humble Bundle ​team is back at it again, this time ⁣offering 11 Resident Evil titles – all in one holiday ⁢collection! This limited-time bundle offers hours of ​horror entertainment ‌for the bargain price of $35. Included‍ in this digital⁢ survival kit are the iconic Resident Evil 2,‌ Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5,⁤ and⁤ Resident Evil 6, as well as spin-offs such as Resident Evil Revelations and Resident Evil Revelations⁣ 2.

The collection ‌is⁣ packed with games ‌ranging from⁣ modern classic⁣ remakes to classic survival horror. Newcomers to⁤ the series can start with Resident Evil 0​ HD Remaster and follow⁢ through the iconic storylines in the imaginations of Capcom’s development teams. With the collection of eleven games, there is something for everyone.

Enjoy old favorites such as Resident Evil 4 – known for its revolutionary AI and now with HD graphics, and Resident Evil 5 – now with added support⁤ for four-player co-op. Players can also ​travel beyond the traditional‌ Resident‌ Evil ⁤storyline ‌in games like Resident ‍Evil: Operation Raccoon City‍ which puts the fate of Raccoon City in your hands or ​Resident Evil ⁤Mercenaries 3D which pits you ‍against a clock and hundreds ⁤of zombies.

The Humble Resident ‌Evil Holiday​ Collection serves up spooky⁤ surprises with a mix of remasters, remakes, and new experiences. It’s the perfect bundle for Resident Evil fans or horror⁣ connoisseurs who want to explore all titles in the‍ Resident Evil franchise before the​ long-awaited Resident Evil 8 releases in 2018. Take advantage of⁤ this special bundle ‌offer ⁣now before it’s too late. It won’t ‌be around‍ for long.


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