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August 2023 PlayStation Plus Update Revealed – IGN

August 2023 PlayStation Plus Update Revealed – IGN

August 2023 PlayStation Plus Update ​Revealed

Yesterday, Sony Entertainment announced the August⁤ 2023 PlayStation ‌Plus⁤ lineup, revealing six must-play titles for​ the upcoming month. PlayStation Plus subscribers will have‌ the chance to play the latest AAA games most of them featuring brand new technologies.

Starting the list is Death Stranding, the Hideo Kojima Game developed by Kojima Productions that puts ⁢players in the shoes of a post-apocalyptic delivery man. Set in the post-apocalyptic fiction⁤ of America, ⁣players must traverse an expansive and ⁢almost surreal world to​ restore civilization. Death Stranding supports Real-Time‌ Ray ‌Tracing, allowing players to experience a photorealistic world.

The next game on the list is Code Vein, an action role-playing game developed and published by Bandai​ Namco. Code Vein​ takes place‌ in‍ a post-apocalyptic world‌ where⁤ supernatural powers reign supreme. Featuring intense combat, unique ⁤characters and intense dungeons, Code Vein is the perfect game for any ⁢action fan.

Up next is Pro Evolution ‌Soccer 2023, the latest installment in the long-running sports series. Featuring the latest players, stadiums and teams‍ from the world’s top clubs, Pro Evolution Soccer 2023​ is the definitive soccer ‍simulation and a ⁢must play for‍ any sports enthusiast.

Featuring the latest open-world ⁣traversal, Horizon Forbidden West is Guerilla Game’s next installment in the Horizon series. Players take on the role of Aloy, a hunter-gatherer in a post-apocalyptic world, and⁣ explore ⁣a vast and dangerous landscape. Featuring stunning visuals, innovative gaming mechanics ​and never ‌seen before monsters, Horizon Forbidden West is the perfect adventure for ​any PlayStation ​Plus subscriber.

Next up on the lineup‍ is​ MediEvil Remake, the latest remake of ​the⁢ legendary action-adventure game. Remastered from the ground up, players take on the role of the‍ undead knight Sir Daniel⁢ Fortesque as they battle their way through enemy-filled dungeons and cursed lands to save Gallowmere from the ‍evil‌ sorcerer Zarok.

Finally, PlayStation Plus subscribers ‍will have the chance to experience the massive world of ‍Red Dead ​Redemption⁤ 2, a prequel to the award-winning western game. Featuring an expansive and detailed open-world, in Red Dead Redemption ⁣2 players will experience the life ‍of ‌an outlaw as they ​traverse the untamed lands of the Wild West.

The August 2023 ‍PlayStation Plus lineup is one of the best⁣ the subscription service has to offer,‌ so make sure to take full advantage of these must-play titles. For more information and updates ⁢about the PlayStation Plus lineup, make ‌sure to stay tuned to IGN.


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