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Don’t Miss Out: Tune Into Our Diablo IV Campfire Chat

Don’t Miss Out: Tune Into Our Diablo IV Campfire Chat

Join the Diablo IV ⁤team in-game this ‍week for a Campfire Chat⁣ – in game and on our forums – to hear what’s on their minds about the upcoming expansion. This is a great opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at what‌ it‍ takes to⁣ bring a game like Diablo ​IV to life!

Our ‌Diablo ⁣IV Campfire Chat will take place on Thursday, December 10 starting at 7pm PST. It will be hosted in-game⁣ via Hellfire Tavern, and will include a⁣ cross-platform Q&A. Come prepared with questions for the team about the game and​ the content that’s coming soon.

Can’t make it in-game on Thursday?‍ You can also join in‍ on the conversation by participating in our Campfire Chat thread⁤ on our forums. Post your questions and we’ll be sure to answer⁣ as many as possible. We’ll also be providing updates on our website, Twitter,⁤ and Facebook pages with highlights from the chat.

Don’t miss out on‌ this ‍exclusive opportunity to get the inside⁣ scoop on ⁤Diablo IV straight from the team. Get your questions‌ answered and don’t forget to tune in on Thursday night!


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