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Ubisoft Announces 124 Layoffs Amidst Industry Struggles

Ubisoft Announces 124 Layoffs Amidst Industry Struggles

Ubisoft, the ​Paris-based game developing company, recently announced 124 planned layoffs to its employees. ​This⁤ announcement comes amidst the​ wider struggles ⁢that the gaming‍ industry has ‍been facing due to the ​Covid-19 pandemic.

In accordance⁣ with the ​announcement, ⁤layoffs will mostly ⁤affect‌ employees affiliated with the Canadian studio, ⁢Ubisoft’s Montreal branch, which houses both‌ publishing and development side of the company. ⁣The layoffs would occur over the course ‍of the next twelve months, ⁤and​ would not exceed ⁤124.

The company‌ then extended its apology ​to its affected employees and ​families‌ and subsequently ‌promised to equip them with support and resources to help cushion the fall. This includes severance packages, outplacement services,​ and a ‘transition package’ for ‌more senior employees, which was later accepted by the employees’ union.

The ⁤chief executive of Ubisoft,⁢ Yves ‌Guillemot, said ⁢that⁣ the pandemic had significantly accelerated the process. ⁢Guillemot also remarked⁢ that ⁢the‌ company would ⁣‘continue to invest ‍in its long-term‌ development, by innovating and transforming itself”, and ⁣that the company was still ⁣in business despite the layoffs.

The invasive coronavirus⁣ has infected more than⁢ a million people ​globally,⁤ while placing thousands‍ of people out of jobs,⁤ many of whom were contained ‌within the gaming‌ industry. Companies like Squaresoft⁢ Enix, Sony Interactive‍ Entertainment, and Bethesda ⁢have also taken ⁤to ⁢layoffs in ‍response.

As of right now, the extent ‌of the loss cannot be predicted, however,‌ it is certain that ⁢the gaming industry has taken a significant hit due to the pandemic, and is yet to‍ recover ​from‌ the aftermath.


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