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Free Game from Epic Games Store & Epic’s Black Friday Sale – Deliver Us Mars!

Free Game from Epic Games Store & Epic’s Black Friday Sale – Deliver Us Mars!

Deliver Us Mars – Free Game from Epic Games Store!

Are you ready⁤ for something ‌EPIC? Epic Games Store is now offering a FREE⁣ game, Deliver Us Mars! Plus, get ready for an epic Black Friday sale on thousands of games. With discounts of up ⁣to 80%, don’t miss out on these amazing​ offers. See what new games you⁢ can add to your collection today!

Deliver Us Mars ⁣is an ⁤adventure ⁣game with a unique twist! You play as an astronaut‍ stranded ⁣on the Red Planet after a⁣ rover crash. As a commander of the base of scientific research, your mission is to survive and carry out experiments in seed biology​ and environmental control. With⁤ realistic and interactive 3D environments and engaging gameplay, Deliver​ Us​ Mars is an amazing game that everyone should experience!

Epic’s Black Friday sale is full of exciting deals you won’t want to miss! Save hundreds on⁣ popular games and get ready to jump into a new virtual world. Choose your adventure – take on the⁢ intergalactic battles in Mass Effect, explore a wondrous open world in The Witcher 3, or venture off on a magical journey in Ori and the⁢ Blind Forest. With thousands of titles to choose from,​ there’s something for⁤ everyone in Epic⁢ Games Store!

Don’t wait, download Deliver Us Mars now and get ‌ready for Epic’s Black‌ Friday sale. Get your ‍discounted games‍ and let ⁣the adventure begin!


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