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New ‘Burnout’ Game on Switch eShop Has No Connection to EA’s Series

New ‘Burnout’ Game on Switch eShop Has No Connection to EA’s Series

The newly announced game from Rat Loop Games, ‘Burnout’, is now available for download on⁣ Nintendo Switch eShop. But this ⁣game has nothing to do with Electronic ‍Arts’ very popular​ ‘Burnout’ series.

With chaotic racing and explosive gameplay, Rat Loop Games’ action packed ‘Burnout’ ‌is now live on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Although ‍this ‍title shares its namesake with the venerable‌ “Burnout” series⁢ from Electronic Arts, ‌this new⁣ game has ⁢nothing ‌to do with its inspiration. In fact, aside from aiming to fill a similar niche, ‘Burnout’ ‌from Rat ⁣Loop‍ Games is entirely‍ its own game.

In ‘Burnout’, you’ll ‍be able to race up to 4 friends ⁣with online or local competition.​ You choose from a⁢ roster of characters and customize their vehicles with power-ups and weapons that you collect ⁤during races. The‌ single-player campaign includes five ⁣worlds​ and over 20 levels of varying difficulties.

‘Burnout’ also includes modalities of arcade and fantasy, like time trial, flag ‍races and a‍ battle mode, in which you ⁤can unleash powerful ⁣weapons. You can also build custom levels with a level-editor. This mode includes twelve music tracks ⁤in full stereo and that have been licensed from artists such as DJ Everett, Feria ⁣and Simon‌ Lights.}.

The game has an estimated play time of up to‌ fifteen hours.‌ With ​its low price of $9.99, this ‘Burnout’ title from⁤ Rat Loop ‍Games‍ is definitely ⁢worth preparing your Nintendo Switch for. ‌


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