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LEGO and Minecraft Come Together with New Sets Coming in 2021

LEGO and Minecraft Come Together with New Sets Coming in 2021

​ LEGO and Minecraft will join forces once again in 2021 with ​new sets that will combine the two iconic worlds. With a wide variety of sets and characters to choose from, fans‍ of⁢ both LEGO and Minecraft will be sure to ‍find⁤ something that they can appreciate in the latest ⁤collaboration between the two.

The collaboration between LEGO and Minecraft began‌ in 2019 when they ⁤announced their partnership and promised “an exciting and innovative range of ⁤building experiences, designed to bring the world of Minecraft to life.” These included building⁢ sets, minifigures, and other beloved characters from the hugely​ popular video⁤ game.

This year, the partnership will continue with new sets and unique ⁣collaborations that promise to be just as ‍exciting ⁢as‌ the⁣ first.⁤ The sets will feature ​classic characters like Steve ⁣and Creeper, as well as new and never-before-seen creations. ‍Fans of both games⁢ will find something to love with this new collaboration, as it combines the best of both worlds and ⁢creates new and ​unique possibilities.

The new sets will be made ​available in 2021 ‌and will add another layer‌ of excitement to the ongoing collaboration between LEGO and Minecraft. They promise to bring the world of Minecraft to life like never before and provide fans of both games with a truly⁤ unique building experience. Whether you’re a fan of LEGO ​or Minecraft, there’s sure ‍to be something to love in this new collaboration between the two.


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