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Xbox Game Pass to Lead 2020’s Most-Exciting Steam Releases

Xbox Game Pass to Lead 2020’s Most-Exciting Steam Releases

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass has become one of the platform’s most exciting features, and 2020 is set to be no exception. With a selection of new titles from some of the biggest publishers and vast selection of classic games available for a minimal price, it’s no surprise that gamers are already looking forward to what’s in store.

Xbox Game Pass will offer some of the most exciting Steam releases of 2020, with over 100 games currently available. Players will have access to something from every genre, including those who don’t normally play video games. Of course, the ability to play older titles such as The Witcher 3 and Final Fantasy VII on PC is yet another advantage of the Game Pass.

Aside from the quality titles available, Xbox Game Pass also currently offers discounts on titles released through the platform. This means that players can purchase titles at a cheaper than usual rate while still having access to the same amount of content. This is a particularly attractive feature to those who may be on a budget, as the extensive library offered by the Game Pass offers more than enough content for anyone.

One of the standout features of the Game Pass is its ease-of-use. Xbox Live makes it simple to access a host of games with nothing more than a few mouse clicks, allowing gamers to explore the library available in a manner of minutes. Once a game has been purchased, it can be downloaded instantly, eliminating lengthy wait periods.

2020 is undoubtedly an exciting year for gamers everywhere, and the Xbox Game Pass will be sure to offer some of the most-exciting releases available. With an ever-expanding library and discounts that make even the newest entries in the gaming realm affordable, it’s the perfect way to get into the world of gaming. Those looking to rack up their gaming library should definitely consider giving the Game Pass a try.


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