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Epic Games Store Opens Door to AI-Powered Devs: Tim Sweeney

Epic Games Store Opens Door to AI-Powered Devs: Tim Sweeney

Epic Games announced recently that its hugely popular⁣ retail platform, the Epic Games Store,⁣ is now available for developers interested in exploring AI-powered capabilities. Epic Games founder⁤ and CEO Tim Sweeney announced the news in a blog post ⁢that ⁤detailed the new offerings.

The Epic Games Store has‌ been open since 2019 and provides an easy way for developers to⁤ share⁢ and sell their video games, including support for​ cross-platform titles.‌ The platform is also ⁢now opening⁤ up to ⁢developers using AI ‍to power ⁢their games. Sweeney said in the blog post that developers will be able to⁣ use machine learning, natural language processing, deep ⁤learning, and computer vision.

The Epic Games⁢ Store ‌now offers powerful ‍AI tools ⁤to⁣ developers interested ⁤in using AI-enabled features in ‌their games.‌ These tools include the SensiML Toolkit, which provides‌ developers with access to a suite of⁤ AI tools designed specifically for video game development. By using AI-enabled features, developers can create​ immersive⁣ in-game experiences that offer more ‍realistic and engaging user interactions. Developers can also use AI in their‍ games ​to create photo-realistic visuals and better analytics about ‌players’ behaviors in-game.

The⁢ Epic Games Store also provides developers with a variety of free tools for making their games⁢ more successful. Developers can access Epic Games’ analytics platform to track the performance of their games, as ⁤well as‌ get guidance‍ from experts in‍ marketing and analytics. Developers can also access the Epic Games Store’s network‌ of digital⁤ publishers, which⁢ is made up ⁣of the world’s leading game platform owners. This network helps‍ developers get⁤ their games in front of more⁢ players and gain valuable ⁤insight⁤ into their⁣ markets.

With the opening of the Epic Games⁣ Store to AI-powered developers, Tim ‌Sweeney believes developers will have the ⁤opportunity to create new immersive experiences that will‌ continue to push the boundaries ‍of gaming. He ‍said ‌in the blog post, “These new tools, combined with ⁣the power of Epic Online‌ Services, will let developers create compelling experiences that‌ bring the emotion‍ and ⁤realism ‌of the⁢ real world into​ their game⁢ worlds.”

The Epic Games Store is part​ of a continued push ⁣from⁤ Epic Games to provide gamers and developers with⁣ a range ​of services that ⁤make ‍it easier to ​create and market their games. ⁣With the introduction of AI-powered tools, the Epic Games ​Store ‍provides developers with new ways of⁢ creating games⁤ with a‌ unique experience, pushing the boundaries ​of what is⁤ possible⁤ in gaming.


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