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Revealed: Solving The Lair of the Mantis Puzzle In Starfield

Revealed: Solving The Lair of the Mantis Puzzle In Starfield

If you are currently playing Starfield, you might have come across the ⁣Lair of⁢ the Mantis. This is⁤ a ⁢puzzle that some players have found difficult ‌and‍ daunting to complete. However, it’s not​ as⁤ complicated as you might⁤ think! It can be solved ‍by following a few ‌simple steps.

To begin, you’ll need to‌ locate the Mantis who has⁣ retreated into its hole in the mountain. You will need to navigate the mountain by paying attention to the‍ clues scattered across the environment. Clues can come in the form of‍ words, or⁢ symbols. By following these clues, you may be able to track down the Mantis before it disappears.

Once you have located⁢ the Mantis, you will need to ⁤find a ‍way to persuade it to come out of its hiding place.‍ To ⁢do this, you will need⁤ to use items you’ve found during your exploration of the mountain. ‌These items can be used to lure out the Mantis which will appear‌ from its hole. After the Mantis has emerged, you will‍ be able to interact with⁤ it ​in order to complete the puzzle.

Finally,​ you will need to figure out a way to defeat the Mantis. ‍While it may seem difficult or impossible, it can be done. To do this, you must use ‍your resources wisely. Utilize items⁤ you have discovered during your travels and consider if there are any​ hidden areas or pathways ‍that‌ could be explored. With some patience and‌ perseverance,⁣ you should be able to find a way‌ to best the Mantis.

So, that’s how to solve the ⁢Lair of the Mantis Puzzle in Starfield. It‌ may be tricky but it’s possible! By following the steps outlined above and utilizing the environment around you, you should be able to⁤ overcome the Mantis and complete‌ the puzzle.


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