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Call of Duty Introduces AI-Powered Hate Speech Detection to Moderate Voice Chat

Call of Duty Introduces AI-Powered Hate Speech Detection to Moderate Voice Chat

The latest ⁣installment in the “Call of Duty” video game franchise is taking a​ stand against⁤ cyberbullying and hate speech by introducing AI-powered hate speech detection that will moderate players’ voice chat.

Developed by Activision Blizzard, the publisher ​behind the game, ​the tool will ⁤detect “offensive‍ language” in real‍ time while players are in-game. The system is powered by machine learning and natural language understanding, allowing it to detect “the ⁤intent behind an insult.”

Once it detects inappropriate language, it will alert a moderator in the game who can take appropriate action, ⁣such as muting the player or issuing a warning. The tool will also be able to detect when a player is teaming up with another player to “troll” or harass others.

This is far from the first time that the “Call ⁢of Duty” franchise⁢ has tried to tackle the issue of online abuse. ‍In ⁤the past, the⁢ game has implemented a “report abuse” system⁣ to⁢ let players flag each other for anything‍ from inappropriate language to racism. However, those reports had to be manually reviewed by moderators, and⁣ it could be hours or days before a player was punished for ‍their actions.

The new⁣ AI-powered ‌system should drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to review ⁤and moderate player behavior, allowing moderators to take swift action if needed. As ⁢the‌ technology improves, it should also become more ‍accurate⁤ in detecting offensive​ language, meaning fewer innocent players will be caught in the moderation crossfire.

Activision Blizzard says it will continue to refine ​the system as⁤ it gets more data‍ from players,⁢ ensuring that it catches more instances​ of online abuse while ‍avoiding false positives. The‌ company has also promised to be ⁤transparent about⁣ how its system works, so players know​ exactly when ‍and why they might‍ be flagged for inappropriate language.

For many players, online abuse has been a long-running issue with the “Call of Duty” franchise. With this ⁣latest move, the ‍company ⁢is showing that it is serious about‍ tackling the issue and ensuring‍ that players ⁣of all ⁤ages can play the game ⁣without fear of facing online ​harassment.


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