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Demon Street: Voracity the Forgotten Champion Gains First Skin in Over 1700 Days!

Demon Street: Voracity the Forgotten Champion Gains First Skin in Over 1700 Days!

It has been a long time coming, but Demon Street’s forgotten champion, Voracity, has finally​ gotten his very first skin in ​over 1700 days.

Voracity has been a free to play champion since he was released, offering a reliable playstyle with an emphasis on smart decision making. He quickly became a predecessor to the tank/support​ role that we ​currently know today‌ and has been an‍ integral part of countless Demon Street wins and losses over ​the years. Although he has ​had many tweaks to his playstyle and ability ⁣kit, Voracity had⁣ never seen a skin until now.

That ⁣changes with the new “Infernal Voracity” skin. Not only does it grant Voracity some new visuals, it also brings new sound effects and completely redesigned abilities. The classic “Piercing Spear” has been given a fiery upgrade, now dealing ‍fiery damage in a line across the battlefield. Not only that, but ⁤his other abilities have been given fiery upgrades as ‍well,‌ breathing some new⁣ life ​into this classic champion.

The ​graphics​ of the skin are top-notch, with the fiery theme changing​ up Voracity’s ⁢classic look and adding a bit of ⁤flair to the ‌venerable champion. Combined with his new abilities, the Infernal Voracity skin ​promised to make ‌this classic champion as fun to play as he has ever been.

Players ‍have‌ been thrilled by the⁢ new look and abilities of Voracity, so ⁢the team at Demon Street have⁤ gone the extra mile and kept the price of the skin reasonably low. Many players are rushing to equip their newly ⁢purchased skins, as they ready to take ⁤the fight to their foes with some fiery vengeance.

Be sure to check out the newest champion skin in the ​store, and make sure to pick it up soon ⁤while it’s hot.


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