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Microsoft Cancels $1 Xbox Game Pass Trial in Anticipation of Starfield

Microsoft Cancels $1 Xbox Game Pass Trial in Anticipation of Starfield

Microsoft has announced that it will be canceling the ‌$1 Xbox Game Pass trial program in anticipation for the upcoming ‌game Starfield. The decision was made in order to focus attention and resources towards⁣ the⁤ development ‍of the​ game. ‍

The Xbox Game Pass trial subscription⁤ was launched in March, ‌providing players with over 100 games to play for the ⁢first month, ‍all for only $1.‍ The⁤ trial was‌ extended until June and offered three months of content instead of one. After ⁤the news was announced, many speculated‌ that the​ trial would ⁤be extended past June due to the high demand for the service. However, ‌Microsoft revealed in a ⁤statement that ‍they would be ending the trial in​ order to focus⁤ on the⁣ development of ​Starfield and other games.

Starfield is a​ highly-anticipated game by Microsoft’s in-house studio,‍ Bethesda. While the game is still in development, little is known⁢ about ‍its specifics. It is expected to be a space-based game with ​RPG elements and a unique story. Microsoft has kept all details about the game tightly-guarded, but​ the game is expected‌ to be released sometime in ‌2021.

Fans‌ of the Xbox Game​ Pass trial won’t be able to start their adventure ‌when the‌ game arrives, but Microsoft⁤ has ⁢announced plans to offer a free ⁣trial of the game when it’s released. ⁣This free trial ⁤will likely last for a few weeks ​and will give gamers an opportunity to try⁢ it out before ​committing to a full purchase.

As disappointing ​as it is to cancel the $1 Xbox Game Pass trial, it is‌ understandable that the company needs to focus more⁣ resources on the development of their upcoming games. The cancellation also gives the developers‍ more time to focus on the game’s features, ensuring‌ a more‌ polished and‌ enjoyable experience when the game finally releases.


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