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Bungie Aims for Marathon to Be the PS5’s Ultimate Live Service Game

Bungie Aims for Marathon to Be the PS5’s Ultimate Live Service Game

Not many gaming studios can compete with the industry giant that is Bungie. With iconic titles like the Halo franchise and Destiny 2 under their belt, the company is among the best in the business. Now, Bungie has set its sights on creating the ultimate live service game for the upcoming PlayStation 5 console, Marathon.

Marathon, originally launched in 1994 on the Macintosh computer system, is an enduring classic of action-adventure and exploration. Now sharing a publisher with Destiny 2, Bungie has been hard at work recreating the game for the PS5. Set to launch in 2021, the game’s story will again revolve around an Artificial Intelligence, known as Durandal. As players progress through the story they must solve puzzles, battle enemies, complete objectives and make choices which affect the overall narrative.

The title will feature breathtaking visuals and animations, as well as a host of immersive features, such as five-player co-op and an online leaderboard. Players can even customize their experience with an array of weapons, armor and equipment available to them as they progress and develop their character. Bungie has also added a detailed crafting system, allowing users to create their own weapons and gear, adding even more depth to the game.

Bungie has been laying the groundwork for this massive undertaking for years. With the support of publisher Activision, the development team at Bungie has been creating an infrastructure capable of handling the vast amount of resources a live service title requires. From the look of things, Marathon has the potential to be the ultimate live service game on PlayStation 5. Fans of the old-school series should make sure to keep an eye out for this title when it releases in 2021.


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