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Commander Masters Banned from MTG Community Format!

Commander Masters Banned from MTG Community Format!

Magic: The Gathering has seemingly grown in popularity, especially with the influx of players of all experience levels due to the presence of digital card platforms such as Magic: The Gathering Online and Arena. However, amidst the joy of playing and discovering new strategies has come the detriment of poor sportsmanship and the subsequent banning of Commander-level players from the Magic: The Gathering Community (MTC) format.

The MTC format consists of two decks, each with a commander in it, which the players must use to compete against each other. In a game of command-level Magic, the goal is to find strategies and cards that are difficult to counter, and players must be creative in their approach to the game. Although the format has grown in popularity and become a frequent choice for tournaments, it has been subject to suspicion due to the prevalence of cheating.

One of the most common issues associated with the format is the activity of “net-decking”, meaning a player uses the same deck that someone else has used, often a deck they found on the internet, without doing any of the thought required to create a unique deck. These decks often have better odds of victory, as they have already been tested and refined, and players “copy-catting” them run the risk of being accused of cheating.

The recent banning of the prominent MTC players and “master commanders” further casts suspicion on the format, as these players had already achieved renown and had followed the rules and upheld honorable behavior. The community issued a statement highlighting the banning was due to their “abuse of a loophole” in the system which was allowing players to net-deck. It is uncertain what this loophole was at present, but the community is confident that it will soon be addressed and fairer play in the format can soon be enjoyed.

However, the banning of these highly successful Magic: The Gathering players serves as a reminder to every Magic: The Gathering player that they should always follow fair play and maintain strong sportsmanship. Without this, the competitive nature of Magic: The Gathering, and of the MTC format, may suffer.


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