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Diablo 4 Players Banned After Exploiting Controversial Realm Transfer Feature

⁢ Blizzard Entertainment recently faced criticism for their ⁤recent action⁢ against Diablo 4 players ⁣who had⁢ used a controversial Realm ⁢Transfer feature to cheat. The company has banned the players in ‌question from their games. The feature in⁣ question had…

Diablo 4 Players Banned for Exploiting Controversial Realm Transfer Feature

In one of the most controversial moments among the still growing Diablo​ 4 fan base, ‍a number of players‍ have been banned from the game in ‍response⁣ to an exploit of a realm ⁢transfer ⁢feature ⁤that had recently been ⁣enabled….

Commander Masters Banned from MTG Community Format!

Magic: The Gathering has seemingly grown in popularity, especially with the influx of players of all experience levels due to the presence of digital card platforms such as Magic: The Gathering Online and Arena. However, amidst the joy of playing…

Banned MTG Card in Multi Formats Shines in New Previews!

Magic: The Gathering has recently released previews for a new batch of cards. This batch includes a card that has been banned in multiple formats prior to this. Despite being banned multiple times, this card still packs a punch and…