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Colonel Sanders Joins ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ as In-Game Black Mage

Colonel Sanders Joins ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ as In-Game Black Mage

​ One of the‌ most iconic figures in the world of fast⁣ food, Colonel Sanders of KFC, is coming to the popular online video game Final Fantasy XIV. In an‌ exciting new ‍update to the already dynamic world of Final Fantasy XIV, the prominent figure​ will arrive in the role of an in-game Black Mage.

Players of the game will⁤ be able​ to explore⁢ the virtual world as the Colonel and interact with other characters⁢ in an almost authentic ‌KFC environment. The update includes a‍ new⁤ advanced outfit and spells⁢ inspired by‌ the KFC brand. Players can summon “Savory Cosmic Butterbomb” to hurl their foes in battle and unlock “Zinger Meteor” for dealing massive⁢ dropkick damage.

The game has also introduced a miniature chicken familiar to bolster⁢ the Colonel’s magical powers. The familiar ⁤is equipped with wings of ⁤steel and can be ⁣summoned by its “Original Recipe White Mage” ability. This will allow ‍the Black Mage to fly towards powerful targets and beam down a barrage of laser-like attacks.

This update to Final Fantasy XIV promises to provide a unique and interesting spin on an already beloved online video game. The classic character of ⁣Colonel Sanders brings an added source of enjoyment and nostalgia to the game,‍ allowing⁣ players ⁢to explore the KFC environment while fighting⁣ off powerful enemies ‍and ⁣bosses.

The‍ addition‍ of the Colonel and his wondrous‍ magical powers will surely become one of the highlights of the game. The game makers are sure to have great success with this update. So grab​ your spellbooks and summon powerful magics ‍as ​Final Fantasy XIV’s ⁤Colonel Sanders enters the fray of battle.‍


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