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Classic Action Platformer ‘Broforce’ Set for 8th August Release

Classic Action Platformer ‘Broforce’ Set for 8th August Release

Developer Free Lives Games has announced that the much-awaited classic action platformer, Broforce, is set for an 8th of August Release. The South African based dev team announced via‌ a tweet that ​they are taking the ’90s era gaming experience ‌with the game to Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Broforce, which is an old school one to four player coop action platformer, blends together ⁢fast paced platforming elements and action-packed shooting. The game features a diverse cast of ⁤characters from popular 90s⁢ culture such as John Rambo, Solid Snake, and‌ Sarah Conner amongst others.‌ It’s ‍a homage ‍to ’80s and ’90s action, designed as a ⁢rogue-like, with a procedurally generated⁢ campaign

The objective in Broforce is to destroy all the terrorists as you work to liberate the populations and free the bros captured by the forces of evil. ⁢Utilizing weapons like ‍rocket launchers, shotguns, and explosives, the players have to face a variety of different terrains and enemies. Each character has a signature move which can be used to obliterate enemies, and the game also comes with additional‍ customisation options ‍for when the player wants ⁢to mix things up.

Getting past levels and killing off enemies rewards players with access to new ⁢bros and more armaments. The game also features destructible ​environments which allow for creative play and unique strategies. According to the‌ tweet, an official launch​ trailer ‌for⁢ the game will be released ​in‍ a few days.

Broforce was initially an online game, but it also became a​ massive success on Steam when it released back in April 2015. It has⁣ since been featured in several gaming festivals around the world. This new version of the game brings with⁤ it​ enhanced visuals and improved controls.

The game is sure to ‍bring joy to old school‍ gamers and new gamers alike. If you’re looking for an action packed, explosive adventure, Broforce is set ⁤to ‍become the must have gaming experience of the summer, when it‍ releases for on 8th of August.


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