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PlayStation Plus Free Games Draw Fans’ Fury Over Poor Quality Titles

PlayStation Plus Free Games Draw Fans’ Fury Over Poor Quality Titles

PlayStation Plus has received a lot⁢ of backlash from gamers after ‌announcing‍ the free titles‌ in this month’s lineup. Fans are claiming that ‍the quality of the games offered is considerably lower than those of rival gaming platforms. This month’s free titles include⁢ Eraser: Showdown, ‌Tricky Towers, and Rebel Commander. Avid gamers are complaining that ⁣these titles are not up to ​the mark when compared ‌to the offerings from Xbox or Steam.

With‌ PlayStation Plus, gamers get two ⁣free‌ games each‍ month which they can download ‌and keep forever⁣ even if‌ they unsubscribe from the service. However, many gamers feel that the titles listed are too obscure. Several gamers are wondering why the big names like⁣ God of War, The Last of Us, and Horizon Zero Dawn are not included in the lineup. PS Plus members ⁤have to buy these popular games separately.

Moreover,⁤ players have also expressed concerns that the ⁣free games are relatively outdated. They argue that the games should be of average quality instead of being ⁤from a ‍different era. With the competition constantly raising the bar, PlayStation Plus must provide‍ better ‌quality and timelier titles for its ⁤members.

The vehement criticism from the gamers, however, has not gone unquestioned. Some ​argue that PlayStation Plus also offers other benefits such as discounts of up‌ to 75%‍ and exclusive access to beta ‍tests. Several gamers consider being able to try out unreleased games as a great perk of being a PS Plus member. Furthermore, it is argued ⁢that the lesser-known indie titles offered for ⁤free are still better to‍ play⁤ than some​ of the overpriced big titles.

In conclusion, the uproar from ​disappointed gamers is a sign that PlayStation Plus must rethink its offering. It must be remembered that the service is​ for the loyal fans of PlayStation, and they deserve ⁣the⁤ best.


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