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Preparing for ‘Destiny 2’ – The Essential Weapons to Farm in the Next 5 Months

Preparing for ‘Destiny 2’ – The Essential Weapons to Farm in the Next 5 Months

With just 5 months‍ away​ until⁤ the ​official release of Destiny 2, there is no better time to start⁤ preparing for the upcoming journey. The best way to‍ do this is to farm‍ for the necessary weapons and items as much as possible before the launch. Not only will it get you ahead of​ the game before it’s even​ out, but you will also get a‌ handle of the world of‌ Destiny

The kind ‍of⁢ weapons ⁤and items you should focus on⁢ primarily are:

Scout Rifles

  • These weapons ⁤are generally easy to use⁢ and‌ maintain. Scout rifles have long-range accuracy and require moderate-level of skill and experience‍ to properly use.
  • They come in autofire, semi-automatic, ‌and burst-fire variants. All of them are effective ‌in their own right.

Grenade‍ Launchers

  • These ⁣weapons offer unique versatility in Destiny 2, with ​an explosive projectile that is surprisingly accurate at mid-range. Grenade​ launchers ⁣also offer useful ⁤crowd control.
  • Grenade launchers also come ‌in several varieties, like slow-firing, fast-firing, and spin-up.

Hand Cannons

  • These butch weapons offer a lot ⁤of power and⁤ accuracy to ⁣make them useful in almost any situation. Hand cannons come in full-automatic,⁤ single-shot, and bolt-action variants, all‌ offering⁢ an incredible amount of damage.
  • These weapons require time, practice, and excellent aim ⁤to master.


  • These weapons are perfect⁢ for ⁢close⁣ quarters ​combat and can take out most enemies in one shot. There are various types of shotguns, from double-barrel ‌to​ semi-auto and pump-action.
  • These ⁣weapons offer incredible⁤ damage, but require tremendous level of skill and experience to use properly.

Weapons aside, you should also keep an eye on what other items ⁤can increase your power level for Destiny 2. You ⁤should look out ⁤for items,⁤ such‌ as​ engrams and armor pieces with special abilities that⁤ can give⁤ you⁣ an edge in battle.

Lastly, it is important to stay updated on the Destiny 2 news and events, so‌ you can be‍ one of the ‌first to grab advantages of ⁣any ‌special rewards they offer. Staying active on social media and checking out forums from trusted sources can help here.

With just​ 5 months left before‌ the release⁢ of Destiny ‌2,⁣ this is⁢ the perfect time to start preparing ⁤for the journey ahead. ​


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