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Going ‘Back to Basics’: GT7 Daily Races for 28 August on RacingGamesGG

Going ‘Back to Basics’: GT7 Daily Races for 28 August on RacingGamesGG

RacingGamesGG is hosting a special GT7 Daily races event ​on the 28th of‍ August, with all​ the racing​ action you could ever want! ​Rev up your ‍engine and get ready ⁢to‍ burn‍ through the cornering lines in a stunning carspectacular of skill‌ and imagination. Get your thumbs ready, and prepare to recline into⁣ the​ seat of your virtual car as you speed your way ‌through a day session of speed and fury. Here is a‌ breakdown of the⁤ events of the day:

9:00am GT7⁤ Casual Race – 15 ‌Laps

Starting the day ⁣is a casual race around ​the⁤ GT7 course. Get ready to practice and warm-up in a simple 15 lap‍ race. Race with others online in this casual race, and practice that tight⁣ cornering as‌ you burst around the track. Bid to finish‌ in first​ position as ⁢the others zoom past you.

10:45am GT7 Timed Trial – Drag Race

For ⁣something completely different, switch up your style and battle against the clock in a drag race⁣ challenge.‌ You’ll need you raw speed and⁤ dexterity to stay on top and finish ⁢fastest in​ this skill-based event. Prepare to make some scorching⁢ times as you battle against the bored ghost racers.​

12:30GT7 Split Race

Can’t ​decide⁢ between⁤ tight corners and raw ⁣speed? Have the best of both worlds in a Split⁣ Race challenge! Race both your agility and speed in a race with the top-right part of the track being a traditional race versus ‌other drivers, and the bottom-left more like ⁢a drag racer ⁣as you ​challenge your speed⁤ and reflexes against the clock.

2:15pm, GT7 Team Race – 20 Laps

If you’ve got buds, grab them and jump into a team race! Race‌ as a collective unit as you try and work together in order to secure the top spot in this 20 lap ‍heat. Climb⁣ the leaderboard as your team shifts and slides ⁤around the track, leading the pack and finishing in a group.

This is a day not⁣ to‌ be missed. Compete and race ⁤with others online in some exciting events, just be sure that by the end of the ‌day you’ll‍ be⁣ the one in the‌ seat‍ of glory!⁤


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