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C0M Exposes Lack of Respect for EG’s Valorant Team Amid Negative Reports

C0M Exposes Lack of Respect for EG’s Valorant Team Amid Negative Reports

As major gaming company C0M recently received ​backlash for their lack of respect towards their⁤ esports team,⁢ “EG’s Valorant Team,” ‍fans have​ increasingly become aware‌ of C0M’s questionable decisions.

Recent reports reveal C0M’s attitude towards EG’s Valorant Team has been less than positive, with some players claiming the organization did not provide the team with adequate support since they joined⁤ in December 2020. These claims were further solidified when it was⁣ revealed that C0M neglected to provide them with housing even though players had relocated to Los Angeles for tournaments.

As concerns have grown since these reports have surfaced, fans and supporters have begun ​to voice their dismay about C0M’s⁣ treatment‍ of the EG’s Valorant Team. Even current​ EG players ⁢have recently‌ spoken up about the issues they are facing, noting that respect ‍between the organization and its players have gone astray.

What’s more, some​ commentators have pointed out that C0M’s attitudes towards their players could be linked to other issues⁢ within the organization. This includes reports of salary delays and inadequate resources for its teams, as well as a​ lack of⁤ empathy for the ⁣players it acquires.

So far, C0M has not responded to any of the negative reports, leading ⁢some to wonder if the ​organization even cares about ​its‌ players ⁣and esports‌ teams.

At this point, it’s uncertain what will ‍become of the EG’s Valorant Team. ‍But ‍one thing is for sure— if C0M intends ⁣to maintain ​its reputation, it⁤ must take steps to fix its poor relationship ​with its players and show⁣ that it ⁣values their work. Until then, it⁣ seems more‌ action is necessary to ensure that C0M’s teams ‌succeed.


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