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Alan Wake 2 Patched, Audio Issues Under Investigation – Remedy

Alan Wake 2 Patched, Audio Issues Under Investigation – Remedy

Remedy have released an update to the much beloved game, Alan Wake 2. The patch is set​ to ⁤fix a few problems players have ‍been facing such as bugs and crashing. The company have also revealed that they are looking into audio-related issues that players have been reporting.

The patch was released earlier this ⁤week and includes a number of bug fixes. According to the patch notes on the game’s website, ‌it ⁤also improves core game stability. The update also includes tweaks to the game’s visuals, such as ​an improved font anti-aliasing, and adjusted⁣ tone mapping.

While the patch fixes some‍ simple issues, Remedy have also revealed that‍ they are currently ⁤investigating ​complaints of audio issues. The audio problems ‌include audio stuttering, lag,⁢ and distortion. The​ issues‌ seem to be most prominent on the PC version of the game.

Remedy⁣ have said that they are actively researching these issues‍ and that ⁢they are working on a solution. ⁢However, there is no ETA on when these issues may be fixed. They have asked players who are experiencing issues to send them ⁢further information regarding their setups or any‍ other issues ‌they are having with the ⁣game.

The release of the patch ⁢and​ the acknowledgement of the audio issues have been positively ‌received among players. Finally ⁣being able to play Alan‌ Wake 2 ⁢without crashing and bugs ‍is a big relief. Although the issues with audio have not yet been fixed, simply knowing that it is being worked on makes​ gamers more confident‍ that ​they will be addressed⁢ soon.


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