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T1 Faker Takes Home Esports Player of the Year Award from ONE Esports

On Saturday, November 7, 2020, Lee ‌Sang-hyeok (aka “Faker”) took home the Esports Player of the Year award from ONE⁢ Esports. The award was presented‌ during the 2020 ONE‍ Esports Singapore Major – ‍the ⁢biggest esports tournament in Southeast Asia….

British Esports Addresses Backlash Over Saudi Esports Partnership

The British Esports Association responded this week to recent backlash over its recent partnership with the Saudi Arabia General Sports Authority. In a statement released earlier this week,​ the Association promised to‌ continue ⁣to‌ help support ‌the “esports landscape‍ and…

Witness Esports History: Don’t Miss the USA 2023 Porsche Challenge Finals at Rennsport Reunion 7″!

As racing fans around the world ‌prepare for​ the upcoming Porsche Challenge Finals, excitement is at an all time high! This one-of-a-kind event will take place at the highly anticipated Rennsport Reunion VII in ⁤the USA in 2023. It‌ promises…

League of Legends Esports Announces Salary Cap and Luxury Tax for 2024

League of Legends Esports has announced plans to‌ introduce a salary‍ cap and luxury tax system ahead of the 2024 season.‍ In ⁣an effort ​to promote an even playing field, the popular video game’s professional esports arm said that all…