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Frustration Abounds as Fortnite Players Denounce Drum Shotgun in Season OG’s Final Days

As the end of Fortnite season ⁢OG ​quickly approaches, ⁢players⁢ are becoming increasingly frustrated with the newly released Drum Shotgun. As⁣ one of the most highly anticipated ​weapons ⁣of the season, the Drum Shotgun was released⁣ to Noble Gold tier…

Bethesda Voices Frustration Over ‘Starfield’ Leaks

‍ Bethesda, the game development powerhouse behind blockbuster titles like ‌The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series, has expressed its frustration with recent leaks involving its upcoming game Starfield. ​The cyber security breach‍ has revealed a wealth of‍ information, including ​screenshots…