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Explore the Valorant Map Pool: Get to Know Every Map in the Current Rotation

Explore the Valorant Map Pool: Get to Know Every Map in the Current Rotation

Explore the Valorant‍ Map Pool: Get⁣ to Know Every⁤ Map in the ⁣Current Rotation

Valorant is one of ⁣the most popular video games of ‍the moment. In the game’s 5v5 ⁣setup, teams must fight it out in each round on one of a variety of maps.‌ Valorant currently has eight maps in its map pool. These can be ‍played in both Ranked and Unranked game modes, with maps typically rotating in and ‌out of ⁢the pool each season. Here’s a breakdown of ‍each of ‍the current maps, and data on their⁣ popularity.


Split is one of the originals, being one of the first four maps released at the ‌launch of Valorant in June 2020. ⁢Split is set in an open streetscape,​ with‍ plenty of ‌open spaces and sniping opportunities. It’s also one of the ​biggest ⁤maps⁤ of the pool, which is ⁤why it is not uncommon to find yourself in a fight over a key chokepoint. Split is ⁣a favorite for defense-focused agents like Cypher⁣ and Brimstone. While the A and B sites are⁣ key locations for attacks, ‍mid can ​be just as important as a​ base for staging ground assaults.


Haven is the second‌ oldest (after Split) of the⁤ current ⁢crop of⁤ maps. Here we find ⁣ourselves in​ a‍ more confined arena inside an apartment building.​ Teammates should always be on⁣ their‌ toes ‌as Haven has many‍ important pinch points that often‍ decide the outcome of rounds. This is a map where smokes and Breaches‍ can also be crucial, as they can shut down an enemy’s advances. And⁢ when playing defense, great founders will turn on ⁤their loops between rooms.


Ascent is​ another great ⁤option for teams looking⁢ for victory. This Venetian-style map‌ is more……..


Bind is an interesting 3-lane market ⁢map, where the flow of the game is affected by ⁣tight bottlenecks at multiple points. That means that holding the high ground can be‍ especially valuable, and it’s quite possible for a team to completely shut down⁢ the enemy’s advances ‌just by holding down​ two ​of three mid-lane vertices. When attacking, the A and B sides need to be balanced,​ as ⁣strong defenses in either spot can ‍be hard to breach.


Icebox looks like a sci-fi spaceship of sorts, with winding hallways, high ledges – ⁢and plenty of close​ quarter combat. Here, holding mid is almost essential ‌to success, and agents like Jett, Phoenix and Reyna flourish because of the ability to quickly reposition around the map. Icebox also offers plenty of people for ⁣a wide variety of team strategies, as setting up a defense is just as ⁢important as attacking.


Similar to Split,‍ Bind is a much larger and open map. With enough room ‍for agents to hide and reposition, it’s an ideal surface ‌for waiting for ⁢the right moment to strike. And since ​the ⁤A and B ⁢sites are both connected ‍by a third mid-site, teams can quickly transition from attacking one objective to the other by setting up ambushes.

Ascent, Breeze, and Ignition

The newest three maps in Valorant are Ascent, Breeze and Ignition. Ascent is a Venetian-style ⁢map with two interconnected‍ bombsites, Breeze is an Old West inspired map with plenty of nooks and crannies ⁣to⁢ hide ⁣in, and Ignition is a smaller, more confined map​ with plenty of elevated lines‍ of sight, perfect for long-range gunplay.​ Since their recent release, these maps have become extremely popular and with​ good reason.

Popularity‌ of the Maps

Data collected from ‍Valorant ​game-tracking site shows that Split is the most popular map, being played in ​over 42% of all matches. Ascent is not ‍far behind⁢ however, with 35% ​pick rate. Haven, and Bind​ both ⁤have an around average pick rate of 18%, ‌while⁢ Icebox, Breeze and Ignition make ‌up the rest of ‌the‌ pool at 3.5%,⁢ 6% and 5.5% respectively. As more and more players get used‌ to the​ newer⁤ maps, it wouldn’t‌ be surprising to see these numbers change.


The Valorant map pool⁢ is currently quite diverse, ⁣and ‍should be able to keep any team entertained for‌ a good amount of time.⁤ From the‍ big and ‍open Split to ‍the more confined arenas of Icebox,⁤ each map has its own unique traits and strategies⁢ that can be ⁢employed to gain the upper hand. As‍ more⁢ maps are released with ​future patches, or old maps return, ‍it’s important to‌ keep up to date and know​ them inside out to stay ahead of the competition.


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