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Mario and Sonic’s Battle of the Brawlers: Rivals Face Off With Simultaneous Releases

Mario and Sonic’s Battle of the Brawlers: Rivals Face Off With Simultaneous Releases

Mario and Sonic, two of ‍the most iconic classic video game characters have finally gone head-to-head in their own game series. This year, Sega⁤ and Nintendo ‍have amazingly released two games simultaneously‌ that feature Mario and Sonic facing off against each‍ other in an epic battle. Nintendo’s Super ⁣Smash Bros. Ultimate and Sega’s Team Sonic Racing are the much anticipated games that pit Mario​ and Sonic against each other.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate allows up to eight⁢ players to fight ​against each other on extremely detailed arenas with styles reminiscent of both Mario and Sonic universes. With ‍over 70 characters to​ choose from and a variety of modes such as the Classic mode, Adventure mode and Training mode, each⁣ player will ⁤have the opportunity to take on any opponent with their⁢ favorite characters.

Team Sonic Racing, on the other hand,‌ takes the classic racing game genre to a whole new level. Taking ⁢up to twelve players, this game is a Nintendo and Sega collaboration in which Mario and Sonic join forces and race together in a team‍ against other teams. The exciting courses⁢ and karts in Team Sonic‍ Racing make sure that each race will be an incredibly entertaining challenge.

To make the releases⁢ even more special, both companies decided to offer special promotional items to those who pre-ordered one⁢ or both games. Fans who pre-ordered Super Smash Bros. Ultimate received an exclusive Nintendo Switch controller featuring all of the characters featured in the game such as Mario, ‍Sonic, Peach, Luigi and Yoshi. Those who pre-ordered Team Sonic Racing, meanwhile received a set of exclusive racing goggles featuring Sonic, ⁢Tails and Knuckles.

Mario and Sonic’s simultaneous releases have shown that there has always been a friendly rivalry between these two iconic ​characters from two of the ⁣biggest gaming companies in⁢ the world. Will you be one of the fans to take part in this match-up?


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