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343 Reveals Huge MCC Update Featuring 8-Player Firefight

343 Reveals Huge MCC Update Featuring 8-Player Firefight

343 Industries released a long-awaited update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection. This update brings back an old fan-favorite: Firefight, now with up to 8 player cooperative play. This marks a huge addition to an already beloved game, giving people plenty of reason to give the game another try.

This update brings with it a brand new game mode for Firefight. It promises to bring back some of the classic tactics and strategies fans have come to love. It also features two brand new maps, Icefall and High Ground. These maps bring back the classic levels from Halo 3, bringing fresh life to familiar battlefields.

Firefight can now be enjoyed by up to 8 players, allowing you to really strategize and tackle the enemy forces in force. It’s much more dynamic than the original way it was available before and it promises to offer some thrilling new experiences.

The update also includes several bug fixes and improvements. They have taken the time to improve the overall stability of the game, making sure the online experience is as smooth as possible. The team has also looked at the existing weapons and abilities, making balancing adjustments to ensure that no one thing is too powerful.

All in all, this is a huge update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It brings back a classic game mode, as well as two new maps. It also offers some important improvements and bug fixes, allowing gamers to enjoy the game even more. This update is sure to bring back lapsed players and revive interest in this classic shooter.


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