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11 Bit Studios Joins Xbox Game Pass Lineup

11 Bit Studios Joins Xbox Game Pass Lineup

Xbox’s ever-growing Game Pass library just got a little bigger with the addition of 11 Bit Studios. Xbox announced that Moonlighter, This War of Mine, and Shelter will be joining the platforms subscription library in early January. This marks the first time Xbox players have had easy access to any of these games.

Moonlighter is an action-adventure game about Will, an ambitious shopkeeper and wannabe hero. On the outside, Will runs a small shop in the fantasy village of Rynoka, but secretly he dreams of being a great hero. To achieve his goals, he goes on daring adventures to find powerful and mysterious items to stock in his store.

In This War of Mine, we are afforded a sad glimpse into the lives of those struggling to survive a war-torn country. Through their harrowing trials and tribulations, we are offered a perspective on the resilience of the human condition in dire circumstances.

In Shelter, players are put in the role of a badger mother. You’ll need to find food, protect your cubs from danger, and find a safe place to build a home. All of this is accomplished while faced with natural disaster and ruthless foes.

Moonlighter, This War of Mine, and Shelter joining the Xbox Game Pass lineup is an exciting new development for many gamers. Not only are these games accessible to everyone with a Game Pass subscription, but the library of quality titles just keeps growing.


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