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Bit Reactor Reveals Vision of Reimagined Strategy Design for Game Development

At ‍the ⁢forefront⁤ of game‌ development technology, Bit​ Reactor recently unveiled its vision for ⁣the reimagined ⁤strategy⁣ design. The company’s ​new ⁣development tools will ‌enable game‌ designers to ‌create more⁣ advanced user‍ experiences‌ with the‍ same effortless​ contact ⁢and output…

11 Bit Studios Joins Xbox Game Pass Lineup

Xbox’s ever-growing Game Pass library just got a little bigger with the addition of 11 Bit Studios. Xbox announced that Moonlighter, This War of Mine, and Shelter will be joining the platforms subscription library in early January. This marks the…