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Xbox Gamers Rejoice: Get Starfield for Free with New Xbox Deal!

Xbox Gamers Rejoice: Get Starfield for Free with New Xbox Deal!

Xbox Gamers Rejoice:‍ Get Starfield for Free with ​New Xbox Deal!

Xbox gamers have ⁣something ‍to celebrate – they ⁣can now get Starfield absolutely for free with a new Xbox deal!

Released in December 2020, Starfield is​ an upcoming action-adventure game by developer Bethesda Game Studios. The game has ‌been described as a “space epic” and is set‌ in a science fiction ⁣world. Players‌ will be able to explore an open-world ⁢environment, as well as⁤ engage in combat and solve puzzles. Bethesda has also said that the game will offer an ⁢expansive single-player campaign.

Now, Xbox gamers are being offered a chance to pre-order the game for free. All they need to do is⁢ complete the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate ​subscription, which includes an Xbox Live Gold membership, Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC, as well as Xbox Live Gold. The deal is‌ available only for those who sign up before December 31, 2021.

Once the subscription is activated, players will instantly get Starfield for free. Moreover, the deal includes early access to game beta trials, exclusive items, and discounts on other games from the Xbox store.

The deal is great news for Xbox gamers, especially since​ Starfield is ‌expected to be a massive ⁣hit. However, only ​time will tell if gamers make the most ⁤of this chance to ​get the game for free.


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