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Six Exciting New Xbox Games Arriving this Week: Sept 18-24

Six Exciting New Xbox Games Arriving this Week: Sept 18-24

Ready for a⁤ gaming marathon this week? Xbox has released a slew of exciting new ​games – and there’s ⁤something for everyone! ‌Read on to find out which six shows are coming to ⁣your Xbox console.

Project CARS 3

Project CARS is the realistic racing simulator that​ lets you take part in a world-class racing⁣ experience. The⁤ latest installment ⁢builds on ⁤the stunning‌ visuals and massive career‍ mode of the previous games, adding a brand new “Breakout” virtual motorsport competition mode and more.

Kingdoms & Castles

This beautiful, strategy-building sim tasks⁤ you with designing your own medieval city. You’ll need to balance a stimulating economy while protecting your kingdom from the whims of nature and ⁢persistent Viking enemies. ‌Fun, charming and challenging all at once.


In Embr, you play as ‌one of a trio of emergency responders.⁢ Your job: save the day, ‌put ⁢out​ fires⁣ and help a variety of⁤ colorful citizens in need. Fighting fires has never been this ⁢fun – with firefighting tools at your disposal and up to four-player co-op.

Madden NFL 21

Football fans ⁢will ⁢love Madden NFL 21, the latest installment in EA’s longtime​ soccer‍ simulator ​series. ‍You can step⁣ into ​the shoes of your favorite NFL athletes, practice their unique skills and use custom playbooks to take on all ⁢challengers.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light

This ‍expansion continues the ⁤Destiny 2 story, ​pitting your Guardian against​ a new enemy‌ lurks indarkness – the mysterious Darkness – and features an all-new Strike, Raid, ⁣weapons,​ and ⁣all-new characters. With next-gen visuals and enhancements only available on​ Xbox Series X/S, ⁤this is⁤ one you won’t want to miss.

The‍ Falconeer

In this open world⁤ air combat game, you play aFalconeer, a‌ daring⁤ warrior piloting a giant bird ​of ⁢prey. Journey across a vast and exotic world, battling enemies in fierce aerial dogfights, uncovering secrets of the past, and exploring ⁢treacherous terrain.

These six great games are just waiting for you to ‌download⁣ – and with new features, updated ​visuals and cooperative play, each ‍one is sure to give you⁣ a thrilling and immersive experience. Ready, set, game‌ on!


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