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Get to Know Cyberpunk 2077’s Solomon Reed Before Playing Phantom Liberty DLC

Get to Know Cyberpunk 2077’s Solomon Reed Before Playing Phantom Liberty DLC

Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty DLC ⁤is an upcoming addition to the world of the game and ⁢one of the reasons why fans are so ‌excited about‍ is⁣ that ‍it will feature ‌a ‌character by the name ‍of Solomon Reed. Players can expect ⁢to not only get to ⁤know Solomon‌ Reed better, but to experience the world of Night City through his own eyes.

Solomon Reed is a mercenary from the long-forgotten, dust-filled city of Aukele, east of Night City. After his stint as a soldier in the 4th Coronado Marines, Reed ‍began to roam the‌ post-war wasteland, tackling missions large and small for whatever money he could get. During his ​time, he eventually earned a reputation for ⁤his ⁤lethal​ skill with a katana and ⁣having an unwaveringly keen ⁣sense of understanding of Night City’s inner ‍workings.

Reed is⁢ also struggling with the afterlife he experienced in the Badlands.​ Glimpses of events and places he‍ thought ⁣were only a memory haunt him, as he remembers the horrors ​of the war and being forced to make hard decisions in its aftermath.

But going beyond his personal ⁢background, what makes Reed a ⁢perfect ​protagonist for Cyberpunk 2077 is his unique skillset ⁣in ‌combat and negotiation. His expertise with ⁤swords is known from ⁤the start, which translates ⁤into highly effective combat prowess. He⁢ is also an adept negotiator,‌ capable of leveraging ​his power to​ achieve the best deals for any mission. This could be negotiations with corporate bigwigs‌ or​ street-level criminals.

And lastly, ​Solomon Reed also knows a ⁣lot‌ about the Bleeding Edge technology, which⁢ consists of pieces of⁣ cybertech so⁣ advanced that only a handful of people in ‍the world ‌know how to work it. He’s highly knowledgeable ⁤in this regard and is regularly sought‍ out⁤ for his expertise. And ⁢he’s also not one to shy away from a challenge!

In⁤ conclusion, Solomon Reed is a unique ‍character full of intrigue and secrets, perfect for a spot in the world ⁢of Cyberpunk‍ 2077. With a combination of deadly skills and street-smart wisdom, his presence in⁣ the Phantom Liberty ​DLC is sure to create ​plenty of exciting and memorable moments.⁤ So get ready to meet the man⁣ himself very soon!


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