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Microsoft Signs Major Deal with Ubisoft to Gain UK Trust

Microsoft Signs Major Deal with Ubisoft to Gain UK Trust

‍ Microsoft has⁢ signed a major deal with Ubisoft, a leading global game developer, to help⁢ gain trust from ​customers in the United ‌Kingdom.

The multi-million dollar deal will see Ubisoft’s popular games such ⁤as ⁤Assassin’s Creed, Far ⁣Cry and Tom Clancy’s ⁢Rainbow Six Siege become part ⁢of Microsoft’s gaming library, bolstering its ⁤presence in the UK ⁣market.

Microsoft hopes to​ build on the success of its Xbox platforms, and the new partnership will help it to offer an even ⁣greater selection of games for its customers in ‌the UK and⁣ worldwide.

Ubisoft’s games are being ​hailed​ as some of ⁢the best in the industry, ‍and the partnership with Microsoft is evidence of increasing ​trust in the Redmond giant’s⁢ gaming capabilities. The agreement follows a series of other significant deals Microsoft has made ⁣to​ strengthen its ⁤gaming⁣ portfolio, including‍ deals​ with ⁤Ubisoft’s rivals such as Electronic Arts and Activision.

The deal will also give Microsoft an ⁤opportunity to showcase their‍ dedication​ to gaming through ​exclusive content. Ubisoft will grant⁤ early access to newly released ​games ⁣across all ⁤Microsoft gaming consoles, PC‌ and mobile devices, as well as unique content like game exclusives, rewards, and ​discounts.

With⁢ this agreement, Microsoft⁤ demonstrates its commitment to investing‌ in the growth of⁣ its‍ gaming platforms in the UK and worldwide, ensuring that ⁣customers have access to the best possible gaming lineup.

Ubisoft’s CEO ⁣Yves Guillemot said that the agreement was ​a milestone for the company, as it further strengthens their contributions​ to ‌the gaming economy. He added that⁣ the partnership would bring exciting⁣ new experiences to ⁣the UK gaming community, and that they looked forward to continuing ⁤to work with Microsoft to make great ⁢games for their players.

Microsoft’s executive vice president of gaming, Phil ‍Spencer, commented that the company was thrilled to be working with such ‌a major player‌ in the gaming​ industry. ‍He added that the agreement was ⁣the latest step ​in their effort to provide customers ⁣with an even wider range of high-quality gaming experiences.

The‍ new partnership between Microsoft and Ubisoft will allow them to continue‍ to innovate and create exciting content for their customers, making it easier and more enjoyable for UK consumers to experience the best gaming entertainment. The deal is a major win for both ‌parties, and it is sure to be the first of​ many successful collaborations⁣ between‍ Microsoft and Ubisoft in the future.


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