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Ring in the New Year with the GTA Online New Year’s Content Event Week!

Ring in the New Year with the GTA Online New Year’s Content Event Week!

To ‍celebrate 2021,‍ Grand ‍Theft Auto Online is welcoming the New Year in style with their content event week, and with it some amazing discounts and free ⁣content.

  • Save 50% on ⁢all aerial ‌activities, ‌including our B-11 Strikeforce, Mogul and more.
  • Take​ your vehicle collection to​ the next level with a⁤ 25% discount on all luxury vehicles, as well as tuned vehicles such as the Progen Emerus supercar and the Imponte Beater​ Dukes.
  • Make your mark on Los Santos⁢ with up to 50% off select properties and ​garages. Why not treat yourself⁢ to the Vespucci Canals Garage, the Stornetta Public Rock Quarry Bunker, or a new business in Sandy Shores?

And that’s not‍ all – this content ​event week also ⁤brings a free festive ⁤t-shirt for all players, as well as yours truly, the Elegy Retro⁣ Custom – the very ⁤first classic supercar to be released in GTA Online in 2021. This classic beauty comes with‌ your very own custom bunker and a wealth ⁢of unique upgrades.

The ‌New Year’s ‌content also brings bonus GTA$ for all players. Head over to‍ your Maze Bank account to collect your GTA$250,000, or ⁢grab the‌ Maze Bank West Executive‌ Office where there’s an additional GTA$1,000,000 waiting ‌to be claimed. So, go ahead and grab it all while it’s there!

Make sure to stop by the Diamond Casino & Resort to make the most of the New Year’s bonuses, which include GTA$250,000 for purchasing a ⁢Master Penthouse, another GTA$100,000 in chips​ for‍ participating in gambling⁢ activities, and a set⁤ of amazing ⁤new clothes for your character. The Bahama Mamas nightclub has also ⁢been renovated and now ‌features an incredible new piano‌ performance.

It’s time to ‍ring‌ in the […]


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