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T1 VALORANT Reportedly Expanding Roster Beyond Korean Players

T1 VALORANT Reportedly Expanding Roster Beyond Korean Players

Riot Games’ competitive VALORANT esports team T1⁤ has reportedly added a number of international players to its roster. The move comes as the organisation looks to expand its reach beyond just South Korea.

According to various reports, T1 has been seeking⁢ to ⁣add international players to its roster since it acquired the former Gen.G ​VALORANT team in April 2021. It was reported to⁢ have already signed two Portuguese players and an additional Brazilian player, with ⁢Dutch and Polish players also among the new additions. ⁤T1 has yet ⁢to officially announce the changes.

The move has been met ‌with much enthusiasm from the ⁣VALORANT community, with many praising T1 for ⁣embracing a more global approach to esports. ⁤It also comes at a time when the game is expanding rapidly internationally, with new regional leagues being established in​ countries such as France, Japan and even India.

T1 is no stranger to international play; they just recently competed in VCT Stage ⁢1⁤ in South Korea, and have already proven to be one of the better VALORANT teams in Asia. With ⁣the addition of these international players, the roster ⁣could become even more formidable. The team is already considered as one of the favourites for the stage 2 of the Masters tournament in June 2021.

It remains to be seen‌ how these new players will fit⁢ into the ⁤chemistry of the team. It is also unclear how the ⁤addition of these players will affect the ⁤already existing roster. No matter what ⁤happens ⁢though, ⁣the move is certainly a positive one for VALORANT and ‌esports as a whole.


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