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Star Citizen Set to Launch Free-to-Play Access For November

Star Citizen Set to Launch Free-to-Play Access For November

The $290 million ambitious crowdfunding star⁤ game, Star Citizen has⁤ been under development for a long⁤ period⁤ of⁤ time. Recently, the game has announced ​that it is soon going to‌ offer its ⁣players a free-to-play ⁣ access by the end of this year. Welcome news indeed for the game’s passionate fan base!

Starting ⁢November 23, players who owns ‌Star​ Citizen will get free access to ​7-days of full game. ‌This offer will be available to all Citizens‌ with the exception of Squadron 42, the game’s ‌single-player⁣ mode. Since, the Star Citizen ⁣has achieved a large number of registrations,​ propelling‍ the game’s long running crowdfunding development model, this ⁣move by the developers will⁤ surely attract more players in the game.

Though initially planned to launch in 2014, the space sim ‌game is still‌ under development and almost two-thirds of its ‍feature set still need to be finished. However, the parts of the​ game that are finished are mostly the exploration and combat portions.

Though the developers ⁣have given ‌out 7 days access, they have not​ clarified yet if the game would be entirely free-to-play after that⁢ period or the players will be asked to pay for the remaining⁢ features at some point. Moreover, the name of the game also changed from Arena Commander to‌ Star Citizen. It is safe⁢ to assume that the company is using ‌its crowdfunding model ⁣to cover the development ⁢costs.

Though the‍ developers​ have clarified a ⁤few things about the game, they still remain silent on many aspects. However, it is expected⁣ that the Star Citizen team will provide more details ‌about the game soon.


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