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Valve Steams Ahead with Dirt Cheap Refurbished Steam Decks!

Valve Steams ‌Ahead with Dirt⁤ Cheap Refurbished Steam Decks Valve recently announced ⁤a new pilot program designed‍ to bring⁢ ultra-low cost gaming PCs to ⁤homes and offices—refurbished Steam​ Decks. Valve is targeting a retail price of $100 ‍USD for ‍these…

Stay Ahead of the Game: Catch All Start Times and Where to Watch for Evo 2023 Day 1

The excitement of⁢ one⁤ of ‍the ​biggest‌ fighting tournaments in the world is ‌about ‌to begin. As the 2021 iteration of Evo approaches, the spotlight is on this year’s titles and the upcoming tournaments leading up to Evo 2023. Now…