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Cook, Serve, Delicious!: Re-Mustard! Coming to Consoles and PC

Cook, Serve, Delicious!: Re-Mustard! Coming to Consoles and PC

Fans ‍of⁤ Cook,⁣ Serve, Delicious!‍ will be⁤ ecstatic to hear that Re-Mustard! is⁢ coming‍ to ‌consoles and⁣ PC. ‍The sequel⁢ to the popular restaurant‍ simulator Cook, Serve, ‍Delicious! adds⁢ to the franchise ⁣with added content ‍and ⁤mechanics ⁤that amps ‍up ‌the ‌game’s intensity ⁣and challenge.

Re-Mustard! is all ⁤its‍ predecessor ​gave ​plus ‍more. Players​ can ⁣now ⁣take part in the new⁤ Cooks ‘n’ Careers ‌campaign, or play⁢ in‌ the all-new​ New Mashup mode⁤ containing ‍more than ‍40⁣ levels⁣ across five ⁢new areas. For⁤ the ​classic flavor, Re-Mustard! also have‍ a classic sandwich ‌shop ⁢with a ​reimagining⁣ of ​classic Cook, Serve, Delicious! levels.

In Re-Mustard!,‍ the game⁤ takes a ‍much‌ more‌ intense approach ⁣with real-time ⁣orders, multiple filter options with personal‌ favorites and hidden​ requests. ‌Players⁢ can also personalize​ their restaurants ⁤with‌ new decorations and themed‌ artwork. With​ the added challenge, ​the game ‍rewards⁢ players that make it to ⁢the top ‍with Hall​ fame ⁤unlocks ‌and upgrades for stickers ​shop⁣ to help ⁢them manage their‌ restaurant.

Re-Mustard! ⁤is set to release on PC ⁢and⁢ consoles sometime in 2021. Fans⁣ of⁢ Cook, Serve, Delicious! are ⁣in for a ⁢wild ⁢ride⁣ with‌ Re-Mustard!, ⁢and for ‌new fans ⁤looking‍ for a challenge, now is ‍the⁢ time to⁢ jump ‍in.​ Get‍ ready to‌ Cook, ‌Serve, Delicious! for ⁢another round.


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