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Valorant Game Changers Champion Accuses Riot of ‘Ignoring’ Major Concerns

Valorant Game Changers Champion Accuses Riot of ‘Ignoring’ Major Concerns

Acclaimed Valorant Game Changers, a program that rewards content creators for covering the game, Champion Oak_Sao has alleged ‌that Riot ⁤Games is “ignoring” ⁣major concerns‌ from the program. Oak_Sao shared their ‌dissatisfaction​ with‌ the ongoing situation on the official Valorant subreddit, highlighting ⁢their lack of ​communication with‍ Riot.

“It seems that ⁣Riot just simply ignore us ⁤and our ⁤concerns with⁤ it‌ not improving, it seems that most‍ of the GC [Game Changers] are just quiet and scared​ to ​speak,” Oak_Sao ‌wrote. “They‌ ban us for ‍the‍ stupidest notifications and never⁢ reply,⁤ I ‍even sent a ticket alleging that‌ they were not keeping their word and I got no answer.”

In a separate post, Oak_Sao ⁢also accused Riot of “pushing” users⁤ to spend money on⁣ microtransactions to be ⁣rewarded with “very scarce ⁢content.” This claim comes shortly ⁣after Riot released the ⁤latest Battle Pass with exclusive Riot skins ‌that players must pay to unlock.‍

Riot responded to the claims, noting that they had addressed those concerns in the⁣ past. “We’ve had⁤ an ongoing dialogue ⁣with the GCs ⁣over the course of the ⁣past year and we recently shared some‌ of the changes we’re making ​with the GCs before they went live in the game,” Riot wrote. “We understand that there⁣ are always areas where we ‌can improve and we ⁤will ⁤continue to do so‌ – alongside‌ the GCs – ‍to make sure we’re on the same page.”

Despite ⁢Riot’s response,⁤ Oak_Sao remained skeptical⁤ of their claims. “They ‍just don’t seem to​ care, ⁢just ⁤because they ‍’feel’ like ‌they’re doing the job‍ is not enough,”⁢ Oak_Sao ‍wrote.​ In the wake⁤ of this controversy, fans are left​ to wonder whether or not Riot will actually⁤ address‌ these “major concerns” in the future.


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