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A Guide to Getting Into the EA Sports FC 24 Beta: All the Dates You Need to Know

A Guide to Getting Into the EA Sports FC 24 Beta: All the Dates You Need to Know


EA Sports FC 24 is the newest installment of EA ⁤Sports’ popular football franchise. This new version promises to be the best ever, with a really exciting and immersive experience. To help you get the most out of the game, we’ve put together this guide to getting into the EA Sports FC 24 Beta and all the dates you need to know.

What is the EA Sports FC 24 Beta?

The EA Sports FC 24‌ Beta is the pre-release version‌ of the game, given to selected​ players for feedback and testing. It’s‍ essentially a ‍way for the developers ​to get an idea of what players think of the game before ⁤its release – so it’s really important to make sure you get involved. ‍

Dates⁣ You Need‍ to Know

  • 17th June: The Beta release date – here is where you’ll⁤ be able to ⁣sign up for beta access.
  • 3rd July:⁣ The ‍Beta ⁣will close ‍and no more players will be accepted.
  • 11th July: The full version of the game will be released worldwide.

Signing Up For the Beta

If you want to join the Beta, you’ll need to sign up on the official EA Sports website. You’ll need to create‍ an account, and then fill out some profile information. Once that’s ⁣complete, you can apply for beta access⁣ – just remember those key dates above!

Be Part of the Development Team

Once you’ve been accepted ‌as a beta tester, you’ll‍ be‍ part of the development team. You’ll be able to play the Beta version of the game and provide feedback to the developers. Your feedback really matters, as it ⁤will help ⁢shape the final version of the game, so make sure you take ‍part in this unique opportunity.


EA Sports FC 24‍ looks set to ‌be one of the best versions of the game ever released. If you⁢ want‌ to ⁤be part of the⁤ development team and help ‌shape the final version, remember to sign up for‌ the Beta‌ and keep an eye on those key dates. Good ⁤luck!


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