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Unlock the Hidden Rewards of Starfield by Mainlining the Main Quests

Unlock the Hidden Rewards of Starfield by Mainlining the Main Quests

Have you ever wondered how to quickly and efficiently level up in the massively multiplayer online role playing game Starfield?⁢ Completing the main quests is the best way to unlock all the hidden rewards the game has to offer. Throughout the ‌game, you will have access to ​an abundance of rewards, be it new gear, money or special items.​ Read on to discover how mainlining the main quests can​ help you ⁢get the most out of your RPG experience.

Complete the Main Story

The main story line of Starfield is the⁢ best way to unlock all the rewards ⁣and level up quickly. As ‌you progress through the main quest line, sections of the map will open up and new rewards will become available. Your progression through the main story line will ⁣not only give you access to rewards,​ but also help ⁢you unlock new game mechanics, such as repairs, trades and more. During certain moments in ⁤the main story line, ⁢you will be required to complete optional objectives to ⁣continue. Completing these objectives will give you additional ⁢rewards and​ sometimes even extra experience points.

Complete Side Quests & Challenges

Completing the side quests and challenges is an important part of the game, as ⁣these activities are the ⁤most efficient way to level ⁣up and find rewards. Side quests typically consist of either finding a certain item or rescuing a NPC from a dungeon. Completing side quests will not only give you additional rewards, but some will also take ⁢you to new places on the‌ map, which can offer additional rewards and​ level up opportunities. Additionally, you can also partake in various ⁣challenges to help‍ you level up and gain rewards. Challenges are special events that will test your skills and reward you with both experience points and rewards.

Explore the Open World

Exploring the open world of Starfield is one of the best ways to discover hidden rewards. As you explore the game world, you will come‍ across new locations, enemies and resources. Pay attention to the⁤ areas you explore, as some will reward you with money, materials, weapons or even special items. You never know what you will uncover when you explore the game⁢ world, so make exploration a priority.

Gather Resources

Resource gathering is an essential​ activity ​that can help you find valuable resources and rewards. As you explore the game world,⁤ you will come across various resource nodes scattered around. Gathering these resources is ​the best‌ way to find rare items, materials and money. Use the resources you gather to craft new gear, upgrade existing ‍items or just sell them for money.


By following these tips, you will be able to ⁣unlock all the hidden rewards the game ​has to offer. Mainlining the⁤ main quests, completing⁢ side quests and challenges, exploring the open ‌world, and gathering resources are all important activities​ that will help⁤ you level up quickly and gain‍ valuable rewards. Start playing and unlock ‍all the secrets the game has to offer.


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