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Uncovering the Mystery Behind the Abandoned Town of Pleasance in Red Dead Redemption 2

Uncovering the Mystery Behind the Abandoned Town of Pleasance in Red Dead Redemption 2

Pleasance, the abandoned town⁤ located in the northern‌ parts of the​ Cholla Springs in Red Dead ‍Redemption​ 2, is an area of mystery.⁤ While some of the game’s towns, like Valentine and Rhodes, thrive ​and look lived-in, Pleasance looks as⁤ if it’s been abandoned​ for decades. It’s a ⁣ghost⁢ of a former life, with no one but ⁢creepers lapping the streets during the ⁢game’s opening hours. But what​ happened to it, why did the people leave, and what secrets does it hold?

The people of Pleasance were made up of​ a mix‌ of Mexicans and ⁣Native Americans. The town was founded by, and remained ⁢under, the control of the Mexican ​government during the late 19th century. It was most⁤ prosperous between the two decades of 1881–1891, ​when many of ‌the townsfolk ran a variety of businesses. Animals, tobacco,⁤ and cotton were⁤ abundant in Pleasance, with small wineries, farms, and flour mills being common sights. The town also had⁤ its own⁣ jail, sheriff⁢ office, post office and school.

The end of Pleasance’s prosperity came in the mid-1890s when a string of natural disasters – floods, mudslides, and ⁤dust ⁣storms – ‌hit the town. To make ⁢matters worse, the increased presence of bandits in the area and Mexican bandits in‌ particular,‌ meant many of ⁢the town’s horses and cattle ⁤were stolen, making it difficult for the local farmers and ranchers to make a living.

The death knell of Pleasance came in 1896, with the arrival of Dutch van der Linde’s‍ gang. ‍The gang ⁤looted the town,​ stealing most of its valuables and leaving the people destitute. Dutch’s men also burned most of the buildings to the ground, and killed those⁤ who remained in the town. The remaining townsfolk‌ had no ⁣choice but to flee, ​never to return.

Today, Pleasance is a shadow of its former ⁤self, inhabited only by ‌small animals.⁣ There are still some signs of its once-thriving life, though, most notably the old windmill, post office, jail and church. There is also an old grave in⁤ the town, which is said ​to be the final resting place of a former sheriff who⁣ bravely tried to protect the citizens from Dutch’s bandits.

The​ mystery of Pleasance remains around Red Dead Redemption‍ 2, and its past life is a reminder of how quickly times can‍ change. This once-booming town is now an empty shell, its secrets lost to time. All ⁢that’s left are crumbled ‌walls, piles of rubble, and ‍the memories of those who once lived ⁢there.


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