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Hideki Kamiya Sparks Debate on Definition of ‘JRPG’ – IGN

Hideki Kamiya Sparks Debate on Definition of ‘JRPG’ – IGN

Igniting ⁤a firestorm among fans of role-playing‍ games‍ is veteran ‌game⁣ director Hideki ‍Kamiya, who recently proclaimed his belief ​that a⁤ game can’t really be called⁢ a ‘JRPG’ unless it was made in Japan.

Kamiya,‌ who has⁢ directed such popular‌ titles​ as the original Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, and The Wonderful⁤ 101, made his stance explicit on Twitter, saying “a game isn’t a JRPG with‍ you just made ⁣it in the same style. Up until recently, JRPGs were games made ⁣in Japan,⁢ period. The term doesn’t ‌just‌ apply to genre, but also their place of ⁣origin.”

His⁤ remarks have sparked spirited debate within ⁣the gaming community, with some gamers ‌agreeing with his‌ assessment, while others are disapprovingly‍ labeling it JP-essentialism.‌ Many of those disagreeing with Kamiya also suggest that a similar ‌argument could be ⁢made regarding western RPGs, though ⁢no⁤ prominent developers‌ have made that ‌distinction in the same way​ Kamiya has.

In response to ‌the controversial tweet, one user countered with, “Just‌ look at Nier⁣ Automata. It’s a‌ bonafide JRPG,⁢ but⁢ was ⁣developed in France. It’s all‍ in the ‍gameplay⁢ and the style of storytelling. It’s nothing to really do with geography.”

Others have​ suggested their⁣ appreciation for Kamiya’s​ dedication to the JRPG genre, noting how successful his own titles like ‌Okami⁤ have been.

Since he made ⁢the statement, ​Kamiya himself has taken to Twitter to ‍clarify and emphasize that he isn’t denying the contribution⁤ of international developers. He has since⁢ said ‍that the point he’s making ⁤is that he hopes development teams from outside Japan that​ create ⁣JRPGs “pay proper respect to the genre.”

Kamiya’s comments represent a larger debate in the gaming ⁤industry about ⁤the meaning ⁢of the ‍term JRPG. It has become⁣ increasingly ​difficult to define this genre due⁤ to its ​boundaries being more blurry ⁢than they have ever⁢ been.⁣

No matter the ⁢outcome​ of this ‍debate, there’s no denying that Kamiya has sparked an important discussion about the definition of JRPGs.


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