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Uncovering the Hidden Value of Eldraine’s Most Underrated Uncommon Cards

Uncovering the Hidden Value of Eldraine’s Most Underrated Uncommon Cards

The ⁣recent set release of Eldraine brought an exciting new⁣ take on Magic: The Gathering’s fairy⁤ tale-themed card pool. While the set is filled with powerful ⁤and iconic cards, there are some hidden‍ gems⁢ among the set’s uncommon cards. These underrated cards can offer more value than their rarity⁣ suggests.

One⁣ such uncommon ⁤card is Witch’s Cauldron. Played as an‍ artifact, Witch’s Cauldron provides ‍the‌ same deck effect for all players when put in play. At 1 mana, it offers the chance to draw a card at the beginning of each player’s turn. This card works best with cards that can be ⁣played repeatedly for‍ cheap, allowing multiple draws ​per turn. Decks utilizing Witch’s Cauldron can benefit greatly from ​the ability to ⁢consistently draw cards.

The Adventure mechanic within Elderaine also offers a number of hidden gems ‌at the uncommon rarity. The Adventures offer two halves of powerful effects: cast⁤ the creature from your hand, then play its Adventure version from your graveyard for an even more powerful⁤ effect. These ⁢cards, such as Prismari Command and Once ‌Upon a⁢ Time are very versatile⁤ and reward careful deckbuilding and strategy.

Svengali Doomsday is another underrated Elderaine uncommon card. By combining a⁣ five-card library with a Doomsday effect, this card can offer explosive board presence and ⁢potential for victory. By carefully choosing the five-card library, a ​player can make this card as powerful and versatile as a much higher rarity card.

Elderaine offers an array of powerful cards at the uncommon rarity. With careful deckbuilding, ⁣these cards can offer players the‍ chance to maximize their performance⁤ in their‍ constructed decks. ​Witch’s Cauldron, Adventure cards, and⁤ Svengali Doomsday can⁤ offer great value and surprising ⁣power in⁢ the​ right hands.⁣


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