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Steam Rocks Out Meme-Style for 20th Anniversary!

Steam Rocks Out Meme-Style for 20th Anniversary!

Steam Rocks Out Meme-Style for 20th Anniversary!

If you thought memes were only for kids, think ​again. Valve, the team behind the wildly successful PC gaming platform‌ ‘Steam’ has released‍ a new set of ⁣stickers, gifs, and emojis to commemorate the platform’s 20th anniversary. Logic‍ and creativity in game design know ⁤no age – and‍ the same goes for memes.

Although Steam isn’t‍ the​ first platform to jump on the‌ meme bandwagon – many popular gaming websites have their own range of​ gaming-related memes – Valve have ​created one of the ⁢biggest collections of this‌ kind so far to‍ celebrate 20 years of Steam.

The anniversary memes feature the⁢ beloved ‘Weighted‌ Companions ‌Cube’ from the first half-life game, which was released in 1998; a ⁣bunny-eared illustration of Gabe Newell, ‍Valve’s founder;⁣ a pair of popular emoticons‍ which you have probably seen in your chats; and even an alien backpacker, for all those out-of-this-world gamers.

Valve said​ that the “meme-style graphics bring a sense of nostalgia and humor to conversations about [their] favorite titles and Google⁤ Stadia”. Allowing gamers to express their enthusiasm for Steam-based games ⁣in the language of⁣ memes​ is a great way to ‌share​ the⁢ fun and the game-making process with the world.

Unlike ​most gaming meme packs, Steam’s “anniversary” set is completely free​ and is available for use across any platform, including the‍ popular social media sites. Users⁣ simply need to ​tap or click⁣ the ​sticker to​ enjoy the content within it. From‌ gaming to launch parties, these ⁤stickers ​are sure to make everyone laugh ⁢and appreciate the creative⁤ minds behind them.

The 20th anniversary ⁢of Steam has been⁤ an event of joy and celebration for all the gamers, developers, and‌ industry experts who have enjoyed the platform over the years. Memes ⁢can be ‌a great way to⁣ show ⁢our appreciation for all the hard work that⁣ Valve has put into making Steam the gaming ⁢powerhouse it is today.


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