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Take a Trip to Hell With The Remastered ‘Shadows of The Damned

Take a Trip to Hell With The Remastered ‘Shadows of The Damned

Take A Trip To Hell With The Remastered ‘Shadows Of The Damned’

A unique, horror-action-adventure game that was originally released in 2011, “Shadows of the Damned” has been remastered and is now up for grabs on current-gen consoles.

The gruesome sequel to the stylish “Citizen Evil” franchise, “Shadows of the Damned” follows protagonist Garcia Hotspur and his sidekick El Poco to take a revenge trip to the depths of hell. What makes this game intriguing is its unique gameplay elements that blend horror and third-person shooting with a side of puzzle solving.

Garcia and El Poco must avoid the dangers of every corner of dark alleys and fierce fire pits filled with bloodthirsty demons. Fans of horror genre will certainly appreciate the eerie atmosphere of this game, with its detailed environment and intense soundtrack.

The game also includes several new features such as improved graphics, better textures, and smoother performance. Players can also use a new “run and gun” mode to keep up with the action. Finally, a gallery featuring concept arts and cutscenes with insight into the development process has been added.

Shadows of The Damned is definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of horror games. Get ready for a hellish ride to the depths of evil and prepare to battle demons on your way out.


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