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Ubisoft Claims ‘Technical Error’ Behind Assassin’s Creed Ads: Let’s Hope So

Ubisoft Claims ‘Technical Error’ Behind Assassin’s Creed Ads: Let’s Hope So

Ubisoft initially brushed off accusations of inappropriate content in their recent video game⁢ advertisements, claiming that the offending images were “technical errors.” The backlash to​ the company’s ads for its popular “Assassin’s Creed” games has been intense, with many users pointing out the coincidences that the ads ⁤featured imagery and slogans which seemed to lean towards themes of misogyny and racism.

The party ⁢line form Ubisoft ‌has been the same since ​the story ⁢first broke: that the images and slogans seen in the advertisements were the result⁤ of a “technical ⁣error,” rather than any conscious⁤ decision on the part of ⁣the company. However, many fans are understandably skeptical of this explanation, ‌feeling ⁣that such “errors” wouldn’t be seen in any other large-scale advertising campaign. The fact ‍that⁢ all of the ads contain similar imagery and ​messaging also raises questions about ​Ubisoft’s ⁣insistence that this‍ was all a simple mistake.

Ubisoft has come out and apologized for their “technical errors,” but it remains to ⁢be seen if they will take any steps to address the root cause of the ⁢problem. It will be interesting to see how they handle this issue going forward and if they will take ​any real measures to prevent similar occurrences in the future.​

For now, it’s⁤ important to keep an open mind and allow Ubisoft the ‍opportunity to make it right. Fans of the franchise — and the wider gaming public —⁣ will⁢ be watching⁢ closely to see how ‍the company responds to this issue. It’s‌ not enough for them to simply offer an apology; they need to ⁤take real steps ​to prevent this from happening again.​ Let’s hope they are‌ up to the task.


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