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Baldur’s Gate 3 Launches on PS5, But Stumbles With HDR Graphical Bug

Baldur’s Gate 3 Launches on PS5, But Stumbles With HDR Graphical Bug

Recent weeks had brought​ a⁣ sense of anticipation with the launch of the long awaited Baldur’s Gate 3 on the PS5. But the hype came to a halt with the revelation‍ of an often experienced HDR graphical bug that has been causing technical issues with the game.

The issue has ⁤been‍ concerning players who have attempted to turn on the‌ games⁤ HDR features for the PS5. Reports highlight the resulting of ⁢a console crash​ or various graphical issues when attempting to play the game. Larian Studios has acknowledged the bug ‌and is currently‌ putting together a ‌fix.

Vice President at Larian Studios, David Walgrave commented on⁣ the issue. ‌He stated that the studio was aware of the HDR problem and ⁢was working⁢ on‌ a patch to ​fix it. He​ also suggested that the⁣ issue could occur with⁤ other titles as the HDR feature in⁣ the PS5 is a new tech and ​developers may need‍ to work on compatibility.

The problem appears to be hindering the progress some have been experiencing. And ‌detracting from what‍ had been a highly praised launch from both publishers and players alike.

Although the issue is making a​ significant amount ⁢of noise on ‌social media, not all have been hampered by it. Some users⁢ have⁣ experienced⁣ no issue in their games and are able to continue playing with HDR switched on. Reports of this have, however, been⁢ much lower than the⁤ reported cases of a console crash ⁢or graphical issues.

Larian Studios​ remain hard at work to put together a patch. Players have been asked ‌to be patient in the‌ interim and ‍offered the following advice to reduce the issues they’ve‌ been having. They have recommended that players try and leave HDR switched ​off until a patch is released. Furthermore, they’ve ‌suggested that players receive an ⁤update before beginning their⁣ game.

For those‌ of you encountering the issue, support⁤ from the studio and ⁢fellow players is available online here:


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